What Parents Expect From Their Children

Published: 25th November 2011
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In the whole world, perhaps one of the most genuine well-wishers a child can have is its parents. There are exceptions at times, when children have been miserable throughout their childhood because the parents havenít been able to do anything for their children. A classic example of this is perhaps Michael Jackson, a child star, who grew up to become a superstar and the King of Pop. It is said that Michael had a difficult childhood and his father would often make him repeat each step at least 200 times before he got on to the stage. When Michael was tired, and didnít feel like practicing he would be beaten by his fatherís belt, till he performed perfectly.

No doubt, Michael Jackson exceeded his parentís ambitions for him, but his childhood also left permanent scars on his life. The world clapped when he performed but cried when his childhood was revealed. Some children do grow up, to understand the sacrifices that their parents have undergone for them while a few take the hard way to learn and understand what it means to have parents. Parents however have always wanted the best for their children, irrespective of whether their children are able to return it to them later on or not. Most parents would want their children to do well, earn well and live their lives morally.

No parent would want their children to struggle in life. The time and guidance parents give their children goes a long way in making their children think for them and understand them when they grow up. Parents that spend their time with their children and share their problems at work or school, makes the children inturn, take them into their confidence when their parents become old. Some children however, grow up with a lot of bitterness and hurt and are very violent in their dealings with people around them. In such cases it is easy to identify that they have had a tough upbringing. It is high time that parents realized that as they give so shall they get. It is but natural for parents to expect a lot of love and shelter from the children once they grow up and start earning but it is difficult for those children, who despite having tough childhoods, still manage to honor their parents with their earnings.

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