Best Play School for Kids in Howrah West Bengal

Published: 27th May 2011
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Eurokids India has many preschools and kindergarten programs all across India. The school has an innovative approach and works towards the development of kids. The school aims at exploring the innate potential of every child. The school aims at stimulating the curiosity of the child. Some of the programs taught here include music, art, drama, projects, computer activities, field trips and outdoor play adventure.

The brand Eurokids is owned by Eurokids International Limited. The company revolves around children publishing. The company helps in pre-school learning. It brings good quality content to Indian students. A good organized Pre-School chain was set up in 2001. The school has added more than 780 preschools in 280 towns. The school has given 450 individuals an opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial journey.

The school believes in Learning by Doing. The school provides opportunities to grow and develop using the skills of reading, listening and playing. The vision of Eurokids Kona Expressway is to create a dominant player in the pre-school segment that provides the best educational experience to its students. There are playgroup programs that are suitable for children between the ages of 1.8 to 2.5 years.

Here the children are taught the best skills that are needed to succeed in life. Here the students are taught about group interaction and numerous opportunities. Here the children get to learn new skills like singing, dancing, laughing, playing and exploring indoor and outdoor activities. Here the children get information through their senses. Here the children get to learn monthly themes where they get to learn cognitive, language, motor and social skills and self-esteem.

The Nursery school has the children between 2.5 to 3.5 years. Children are also taught monthly themes, weekly topics and daily activities. These activities help the children in encouraging curiosity and self-initiative. Art, music, dramatic play and social interaction are also taught in the school. With Every new accomplishment, the three year olds learn more and more. In the fun rooms there are discovery areas that are set up by the teachers that help the children to learn and explore. Teacherís skill plays a strong role in influencing a childís grasp. Here the children learn to be better prepared for their responsibilities.

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